1. ANNUAL THANKSGIVING 4th December 2016 

2. FREE FOR ALL: Crusade. 26th-28th December, 2016



MONDAY: Pregnant Women Fellowship – Every Monday -9am-10am

TUESADY: Fundamentals of Faith (Bible Study)  - Every Tuesday 6pm-8pm

WEDNESDAY: Women Fellowship - Every Wednesday 6-8pm

THURSDAY: Women seeking the Fruit of the Womb-Thursday 10am-11am

THURSDAY: Counselling/See man of God -Every Thursday by 11am-4pm

FRIDAY: Prayer Meeting: Faith Clinic Every Friday 6pm-8pm

SUNDAY SERVICE Sunday School 8-9m; Sunday Worship Service: 9am-12pm


Revival Service: Last Week of every month (Monday-Saturday)

Monthly Anointing/Thanksgiving Service: First Sunday of every month: 9am-12 pm

Praise Night  (Monthly Night Vigil Service)



Jesus Loves you!

Do you want to give your life to Christ. God is calling you today. Jesus loves you. If you do, say the following prayer after me:

Dear Jesus, I am a sinner. please forgive me my sins. I want you to cleanse me with your blood and make me whole. Come into my life as I make you my personal Lord Saviour. I believe you died for my sins. Thank you Jesus for saving me.


Did you just say that prayer? Then congratulations, for you are now born again!